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  • Acquisition of distressed real estate assets (wholesale) 

  • Acquisition of real estate from government entities 

  • Portfolio management 

  • Residential properties with higher sales velocity than commercial properties


  • It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world 

  • High interest rates and inflation have increased default and opportunities in real estate

  • Buying wholesale creates price bargaining opportunities

  • Portfolio management can be a tool to generate greater sales results

  • Profitability can exceed 30% per annum

  • Buying from distressed asset resolution companies that have already solved financial, legal and regularization problems costs more, but generates faster results  

  • We always operate with a planned exit strategy

  • Before financial, we are real estate specialists. We operate with on-the-ground market intelligence avoiding mistakes made by financial firms operating in the real estate arena

  • We offer both buy side and sell side solutions – “turn key” solutions for our international clients 

  • Our extensive coverage and capillarity everywhere in the country allows us to buy in places with less competition, resulting in higher performance by acting locally

  • We create a large land bank the sale or development of buildings and condominiums

  • We lease apartments to generate recurring income


  • We perform analysis of portfolios in every local market

  • We perform careful selection of opportunities: we want properties with pricing advantage at purchase and liquidity for future sales

  • We engage in negotiation and acquisition of properties

  • We are responsible for portfolio management 

  • Retrofit and strategic renovations

  • Location selection

  1. Development

  2. Resale


  • Portfolio management
    • Kuser Properties
    • Local Team specialized in Real Estate
       · Acquisition
       · Development
       · Resale
       · Marketing
    • Active network of real estate brokers covering the entire Brazilian territory
    Sources of target assets (who to buy from)
    • Banks and Assets Management firms
       · 190,000 properties
       · US$12 billion in estimated current market value
    • Government entities
       · 800,000 properties
       · US$ 15 billion in estimated current market value
    • Auctioneers
       · 40,000 properties
       · US$ 2 billion in estimated current market value
    • Developers (in inventory)
       · 50,000 properties
       · US$1 billion in estimated current market value
    Potential Buyers (whom to sell to)
    • Land - small and large (over 100,000 m2)
       · Developers
       · Land subdivision agents
       · Retail
       · Wholesale
       · Logistics
    • Apartments
    • Commercial properties
       · Final user
       · Family Offices
    • Warehouse
       · Wholesale
       · Logistics


  • The Brazilian Real is worth 20% of the US Dollar

  • At the source [of the assets], the market size is about $30 billion

  • The market size for sale [of the assets] is estimated at $60 billion

  • Initial investment $100MM (suggested investment amount)

  • Management fee of 1%
    • Buy for 60% of the real value
    • Sell for 90% of the real value


All Brazil



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